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About Us

Dedicated to Excellence

Journey ABA provides evidence-based ABA therapy to children, adolescents, and adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our dedicated team helps clients reach their goals and participate more fully in the daily activities they find valuable in a variety of community settings.

Providing support for the whole family is central to who we are, and we offer guidance throughout the process, from the initial contact with our intake team to obtaining insurance authorization and continuing throughout ongoing ABA services.

We start by getting to know your whole child, analyzing his or her behavioral and developmental history, working with your child and the rest of your family to determine goals for treatment, then offering services driven by our clinical expertise.

Ready to get started? Learn more about Journey ABA and our locations in Massachusetts and in Florida by contacting us at 844.222.4513 or by reaching out online.

Who We Are

What sets Journey ABA apart? We offer:

  • Clinical programs led by experts in the field of ABA
  • Additional, ongoing clinical supervision provided by experienced BCBAs
  • Continuous professional development and training for our team
  • A family-centered treatment approach for our clients
  • A Family Support Team that walks every family through the intake process
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration between members of our team and your family to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes for our clients

We have the training and expertise to grow and adapt to the changing needs of our clients over time, from early childhood to adolescence and beyond. Our clinical team is prepared to work with clients from the time of initial diagnosis until they complete school, transition to adult services, or otherwise graduate from ABA services.

Our Mission

The mission of Journey ABA (Journey Autism Centers) is to support the continuous growth and professional development of all providers, to empower our providers to deliver compassionate and evidence-based ABA therapy to our clients and their families, and to improve access to these ABA services for all individuals who need them.

To achieve our mission, we collectively work to uphold our five core values:

  1. Be data-driven but people-focused
  2. Strive for excellence in all that we do
  3. Always try to do the right thing
  4. Commit to a process of continuous growth and improvement
  5. Promote teamwork and flexibility 

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Journey ABA is committed to racial and cultural diversity and inclusivity throughout our organization and the work that we do. We will ensure the recruitment of diverse candidates for new positions and in our partners and vendors. We aim to increase diversity in representation of race, body types, and age in visual materials on our website and social media efforts. We are working with our preferred partners to assess their commitment to diversity and inclusion practices within their own organizations. We want to actively collaborate with those who share our vision for creating a more inclusive world.

What We Offer

Our clinical experience tells us that the needs and goals of children with ASD and related diagnoses change and may become more complex as these individuals develop. That’s why our services are available to individuals of all levels of need and ages. Clients and their families have our support as they reach adolescence and beyond

The therapeutic techniques we offer help increase social and communication skills and reduce potentially harmful or dangerous behaviors that may interfere with participation in ongoing activities.  Our team is equipped to handle even the most complex behavioral needs by developing individualized care plans for our clients as well as education and support to their caregivers. Our top priority is to help each of our clients gain independence and truly thrive within their community so they are able to access as many rewarding opportunities as possible.

Our team of highly trained providers, consisting of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and behavior technicians (BTs) takes a comprehensive approach to assessing each individual’s current strengths and areas where additional support is needed. Our goal is to meet each client where they are on their journey to living the most independent, fulfilled life possible. Our team understands and appreciates that each of our clients is unique and we use the results of our comprehensive functional behavioral assessment, as well as each client’s specific likes, dislikes, and goals to guide our treatment approach.

ABA Therapy

Decades of research demonstrate ABA therapy’s effectiveness in helping individuals with ASD and other related diagnoses reach their individual goals, with a focus on improving overall functioning within their communities. The foundation of ABA therapy is the functional behavioral assessment, where providers help determine an individual’s current strengths and areas for growth, to gain an understanding of the specific reasons why behavior occurs and then developing individualized interventions to improve these behaviors in the home, school, and community. ABA treatment is highly individualized for each client, taking into account their unique needs, goals, and preferences to build an intervention plan that works for them. 

Individualized Care

Our BCBAs create targeted and individualized treatment plans to encourage learning, growth, and independence in each client. Each client’s treatment plan is based on the results of the comprehensive functional behavioral assessment, or FBA, that our team of BCBAs complete at the start of services, and then routinely throughout ongoing services to assess progress towards goals. The FBA consists of a review of the client’s medical and educational records, interviews with the client and caregivers, questionnaires and surveys, as well as direct observations and assessment procedures. All of this information is synthesized to help provide an in-depth assessment of each client’s current strengths, areas in need of additional support, and preferences to help our BCBAs develop the most effective treatment plan possible. As part of this treatment plan, our team will collect data as they work with each client to provide an objective record of progress towards goals. Our team is consistently reviewing the data for each client to ensure our treatment programs are as effective as possible. In the event an intervention is no longer effective, we modify it to help our clients succeed.

Behavior Support Plans

Once we complete the FBA, your child’s BCBA will create a truly individualized behavior support plan, or BSP, to help your child reach their goals in multiple domains, including increasing social, communication, and functional skills, as well as reducing behaviors that may interfere with learning or participation in activities.  The BSP is updated as our clients master smaller, short-term goals on the way to mastering more complex, long-term goals or as needed to help our clients achieve success across multiple domains and contexts. Our team also helps to ensure mastered goals are maintained over time so our clients are consistently able to demonstrate the skills they learn during ABA therapy sessions.

Family Education and Support

Parents and siblings of children with ASD and other IDD often experience increased stress. Not only do we want to provide therapy to our clients, but we want to ensure we are providing services and support to their family members as well. In addition to individualized, effective interventions, we provide ongoing support and guidance to the families of the individuals we serve to help ensure our clients receive the consistent care they need to produce the best possible outcomes.

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Clinical expertise, a warm and welcoming environment, and support every step of the way—that’s what you’ll find at Journey ABA in Massachusetts and Florida. Our community-based service model gives families flexibility and provides clients with the support they need in the environments they need support most.

Connect with our team today to learn more. Whether you want to find out more about ABA therapy, need help navigating insurance, have recently received an ASD diagnosis for your child, or are an adult with ASD who has questions about our approach, we can help. Contact us at 844.222.4513 or reach out online to get started.