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Who We Are:

Journey ABA was founded with a clear vision: to bring a compassionate, dedicated team of professionals together looking for a different type of company to provide the highest quality ABA services in Florida and Massachusetts to those who need them. 

At Journey, we believe our team deserves access to the best training, professional development, and ongoing support from clinical and business leaders who understand the realities of delivering ABA services across different environments. Journey’s clinical and professional development services are led by a BCBA-D with over 16 years of clinical and research experience, and over a decade of experience teaching and mentoring aspiring BCBAs and BTs. Our clinical and operations teams work collaboratively every day to ensure the needs of our providers and clients are the top priority. We also believe in transparency with our team of providers, so we meet quarterly to review Journey’s progress and future initiatives. 

Perhaps most importantly, we believe that the guiding ethical principles that ensure the science of ABA is applied safely and equitably in our field should apply not only to our providers, but to our leaders and business operations as well. 

To create this environment, our leadership team ensures there is ongoing communication and collaboration with our providers. We ensure that each member of our team has the support and resources they need to provide ABA services safely and efficiently. To that end, we monitor caseload sizes and individual client needs to allow for adequate supervision so our clients and BTs are safe and treatment is effective. Most of all, we want to empower our providers to advocate for their team and their clients.

Whether you’re new to the field or have years of experience, you have a place at Journey ABA. Our team has access to a variety of training and professional development resources to promote ongoing learning and reduce burnout, including:

  • Group and individual clinical supervision provided by experienced BCBAs, including our VP of Clinical Services
  • Real-time support provided by senior leadership and clinicians- mentorship is at your fingertips!
  • Support for clinical research that benefits our clients
  • Highly organized clinical infrastructure with shared resources
  • Ongoing collaboration between providers and the leadership team
  • Ability to participate in clinical projects of interest to you to enhance your skill set and contribute to the ongoing growth and development of other BCBAs- you have the ability to help shape Journey’s processes and culture
  • Ability to participate in community outreach to disseminate ABA to families and other professionals
  • Small caseload sizes driven by clinical need
  • Values-driven leadership, with a focus on adhering to the BACB’s ethics codes for everyone who works at our company


At Journey, we value our team of providers. That’s why we offer an extensive benefits program that promotes the health and well-being of our team that includes:

  • Industry-leading hourly pay for behavior technicians
  • Multiple full-time salaried positions with bonuses for BCBAs
  • Paid time to complete indirect activities for BCBAs
  • Flexible full- and part-time options
  • Social events to help build teamwork and rapport between our behavior technicians, BCBAs, and the leadership team.
  • Health, vision, and dental plan options
  • Paid time off, sick time, paid holidays
  • Professional development funds
  • Technology package
  • Clinical supervision for students
  • Paid time to complete community service activities

Check Our References!

At Journey, we believe that the interview process is a two-way street, where we get to know you and you have an opportunity to get to know us to determine if we are a good fit. That’s why we encourage interested candidates to check our references by connecting with various members of our team to learn more about our culture, values, and specific job responsibilities.

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