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Social Skills Programs

Dedicated to Excellence

Social skills can be challenging for children with autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. However, our targeted social skills programs in Florida and Massachusetts can help. At Journey ABA, we often work on social skills programs for our clients of all ages. During these sessions, clients are able to practice social and communication skills relevant to their clinical goals. These sessions are designed to be fun, pressure-free ways for our clients to form connections and learn skills they’ll need for success in real-world situations.

What Is Social Skills Support?

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder often have difficulties with social interactions, such as initiating and maintaining conversations with peers. For example, they might struggle to engage in conversations about topics that are not highly preferred or may struggle to initiate communication. For adults on the autism spectrum, they may need support in navigating social interactions at their place of employment. 

The goal of our social skills programs is to help our clients successfully navigate everyday situations that involve communication, such as making requests or responding to questions. We aim to help our clients learn strategies to help them succeed in their communities and create and maintain meaningful relationships with peers. 

Types of Social Skills Activities

Some examples of the social skills training activities we might use as part of our teaching strategies include::

  • Role-play of social situations with our team
  • Generalizing social skills to settings where clients can practice real-life social situations
  • Enhancing communication to enable clients to best interact with peers
  • Learning behaviors that can lead to relationship building
  • Playing games where the players take turns
  • Asking questions of others
  • Answering basic questions about activities or school
  • Initiating conversations and continuing them

Social skills are almost always a part of our individualized interventions for clients, as they are integral to helping our clients thrive within their communities.

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Social skills programs for can make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives. At Journey ABA in Florida and Massachusetts, we individualize social skills programs to help our clients have fun, form connections, and improve communication skills.

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