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Autism Treatment

Dedicated to Excellence

We know how overwhelming it can be to navigate the therapy process for your child. You shouldn’t have to go through this journey alone. With the help of Journey ABA’ Family Treatment program, you’ll be able to access the care your child needs without getting caught in the red tape of insurance issues. We’re here to take the uncertainty and guesswork out of the experience. Ongoing communication throughout the intake process and beyond ensures that our clients, their families, and their caregivers can navigate insurance, obtain documentation, and begin ABA services. The wide variety of autism treatment services offered at Journey ABA ensures that Florida and Massachusetts families can access the care they need.

Learn more about our autism treatment programs by reaching out to our team today at 844.222.4513 or by connecting with us online.

What Sets Our Autism Treatment Programs Apart

The Journey difference is experienced in every aspect of the services and programs we offer. We are able to help individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual and developmental disabilities through ongoing care. We know that challenging behaviors and complex needs don’t end in childhood—that’s why our services are offered to individuals of all levels of need and ages. As adolescents work to make academic progress and young adults look to enter the workforce and manage life independently, our autism treatment programs can provide support.

Our experienced team is our greatest asset. Led by a BCBA-D with specialized expertise in assessment and treatment of severe challenging behaviors, our team is able to provide services in a variety of formats:

  • In-home treatment
  • Telehealth services
  • Center-based services

Finally, a high level of support for families and caregivers is an essential part of enrolling in a program at Journey. Parents and siblings of children with ASD and other IDDs often experience increased stress. Not only do we want to provide therapy to our clients, but we want to ensure we are providing services and support to their family members as well. This might include parent and sibling support groups, webinars, or other trainings as well as Parent’s Night Out events and other social activities that the whole family can take advantage of. Our clients aren’t the only ones who need our support—their families need support too.

Overview of Our ABA Services

At Journey ABA, we offer a variety of ABA services to provide treatment options to those who need them, from our youngest learners who may have just received an ASD diagnosis, to our adult clients who are interested in navigating adult life. Below, please find a list of some of our current services:

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI)

Early intervention is ketervention is key in helping young children with ASD develop essential social, communication, self-care, and  skills. We set individualized goals and use play-based activities to reinforce positive, prosocial behaviors.

Comprehensive Child Services

Our providers work with children from the time of initial diagnosis through school-age to expand their social, self-care, academic readiness, and communication skills. Our goal is to help each of our clients reach their personal goals and gain independence with a variety of daily tasks. Since we provide ABA services in our clients’ homes, schools, and other community settings, we offer flexible scheduling during afternoons, evenings, and weekends for our clients around school and other activities.

Adolescent Services

Our providers work with our adolescent clients at their homes, schools, and in the community to help navigate more complex social situations, learn pre-vocational skills, and prepare for transitions to college, the workplace, independent living, and more.  

Adult Services

Our services don’t end when our clients reach adulthood. Instead, we partner with families to offer ongoing support in domains such as self-care, independent living, and vocational skills to help our adult clients maximize success and reach their goals. Many of our adult clients self-refer to us for help with specific social skills as they transition to college or maintain employment. 

Severe Challenging Behavior 

Our team has expertise in assessing and treating more severe forms of challenging behavior across all ages that may limit our clients’ ability to participate in educational and recreational activities or may place the client or others at risk for injury. In addition, we work with our clients to learn more appropriate, functional skills to serve as a replacement for challenging behavior.

Start Here: Get in Touch with Journey ABA

Your journey begins with a call to our team. We’re here to help your loved one achieve their goals while supporting your entire family during the process. Whether you recently received an ASD diagnosis or are transitioning from another program, we will guide you through the process.

Contact Journey ABA by calling 844.222.4513 or by reaching out online today.