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ABA Therapy Programs

Dedicated to Excellence

At Journey ABA, our focus is on individuals of all needs and ages with ASD and other, related diagnoses. We’re uniquely able to help those with complex, treatment resistant behavior as well as adolescents and adults who are navigating changing social dynamics and real-world challenges. Using ABA therapy services, our team of BCBAs and BTs help our clients and their caregivers reach their goals. 

Trusted and professional ABA therapy services in Massachusetts and Florida in a supportive, compassionate environment—that’s what you’ll find at Journey ABA. Learn more about our ABA programs by connecting with Journey ABA at 844.222.4513 or by reaching out to our team online.

ABA Therapy Programs at Journey ABA

In our years of experience helping individuals with ASD and related diagnoses, we’ve found that building communication and social skills can’t stop in childhood. Instead, the best outcomes are achieved by ensuring ABA services continue into adolescence and young adulthood. Our team focuses on supporting our clients’ changing needs and goals as they grow and develop into teenagers and adults.

Our ABA programs are customized to the needs of each of our clients. Led by experienced BCBAs, our team is ready to navigate complex behaviors. We’re poised to grow and adapt to what our clients require over time, and ultimately seek to work with clients from their initial diagnosis until they complete school or otherwise graduate from ABA therapy services. This presents an opportunity for families to work with one ABA agency from diagnosis through adulthood and address challenging behavior before it escalates. In the event a client comes to our agency with more severe, challenging behavior, we have the expertise to assess and treat it along with an extensive network of referral sources and expertise in advocating for funding and placement in the event we cannot safely treat it at one of our locations. 

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis (ABA)  is an evidence-based treatment most commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder. We use ABA therapy as a foundational part of our treatment programs, as this approach can help clients reach their individual goals and participate more fully in ongoing activities

ABA Therapy from an Experienced, Dedicated Team

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ABA therapy at Journey ABA starts with a diagnosis. If your child has received a diagnosis from a licensed medical provider or psychologist, you can reach out to our team with a copy of their diagnostic evaluation. If they have not received a diagnosis, our Family Support Team can help you navigate this process. 

Next, our team will perform an assessment to learn more about your child’s unique needs and goals. We’ll assess their skills and level of development before creating a targeted treatment plan.

Finally, we’ll implement the plan with consistent monitoring and adjusting to ensure the best possible outcome.

Through our ABA therapy programs in Massachusetts and Florida for children, adolescents, and adults, clients will learn to:

  • Establish positive behaviors
  • Control atypical behaviors
  • Gain independence
  • Build social skills
  • Develop self-help skills
  • Increase communication
  • Connect with others
  • Interact with their environment

We want to see our clients succeed in every aspect of their lives, from making progress in school to finding and maintaining employment. We care about the well-being of the entire family and offer a variety of family support resources to help parents, siblings, and caregivers connect with others. 

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Journey ABA is committed to helping families navigate the process of obtaining ABA services in MA and FL through collaboration and support. If you’re looking to learn more about our ABA programs, connect with our team today. Contact us at 844.222.4513 or reach out online to get started.