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Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

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woman with little girl in discrete trial trainingChildren on the autism spectrum may face unique challenges at school or while learning a new skill. With the help of discrete trial training (DTT) and applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, they can learn important skills, understand certain concepts and improve communication skills. If your child is on the autism spectrum or facing any behavioral difficulties, help and guidance is available at Journey ABA.

At Journey ABA, we believe that with the right support and encouragement, clients with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities can live independent and successful lives. Instead of trying to cure autism, we help individuals effectively manage their symptoms and learn vital life skills.

If you’re looking for a treatment center that offers discrete trial training in Massachusetts or Florida, contact us at 844.222.4513 to learn more.

What Is Discrete Trial Training?

Discrete trial training or teaching is an evidence-based practice that was formulated by Ivar Lovaas at the University of California, Los Angeles. It involves breaking down a skill into small and discrete steps. Instead of teaching something in one go, the trainer breaks it down into small steps or units and uses positive reinforcement to encourage the child to complete the steps and master the skill.

Thus, DTT is a series of teaching attempts or discrete trials. Each trial is carefully simplified and structured in advance, and the student may respond either correctly or incorrectly. For a correct response, they receive praise or a small gift or reinforcer like candy. Meanwhile, if the child responds incorrectly, they are corrected but not given any reinforcement.

Through repetition, correction, and positive reinforcement, the child is finally able to learn the skill.

Why We Offer DTT

There is ample research to prove that DTT is an effective strategy for teaching children with autism and other developmental disabilities. At Journey ABA, we offer discrete trial training as part of ABA therapy programs, designed to help children overcome any challenging or inappropriate behaviors, and learn new skills.

Some benefits of DTT include:

  • By breaking down skills into smaller components or chunks they become easier to learn.
  • Since each trial follows a script, it is particularly helpful for children with autism, as they prefer structure and routine.
  • In DTT, the student to trainer ratio is 1:1, which means the child gets individualized attention in an environment free from distractions.
  • As positive reinforcement and rewards are integral to DTT, the student becomes highly motivated to do the tasks successfully.
  • It improves the child’s confidence levels and interpersonal skills.

In both our Massachusetts and Florida locations, discrete trial training is offered as part of our evidence-based approach.

Our Treatment Program

At Journey ABA, we offer evidence-based ABA therapy to children, adolescents, and adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) with a special emphasis on family support and individualized care.

Our programs and services include:

  • ABA therapy programs
  • Applied behavior analysis
  • Behavioral intervention
  • Family training
  • Discrete trial training

Moreover, all our clinical programs are led by experts in the field of ABA. We also ensure ongoing professional development and training for our staff. Finally, we make sure that there are two clinicians in a room during a therapy session, as a second set of eyes is always better.

Find Help and Guidance at Journey ABA

At Journey ABA, we strongly believe that personal happiness and professional success is possible for all. Our mission is to help children and adults with autism and/or other learning disabilities to manage their symptoms, master important skills, and find fulfillment. We ensure that every client receives the highest levels of care, empathy, and attention, along with guidance on achieving their long-term goals.

Reach out to us at 844.222.4513 and take the first step towards a happier future for your child.