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Social Skills Training for Adults

Dedicated to Excellence

At Journey ABA, our dedicated team offers specially designed social skills training programs for adults. Adults who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual and developmental disabilities can benefit from social skills training. The activities we offer help our clients improve communication skills and build relationships. In a safe, supportive setting, our clients, BCBAs, and behavior technicians work to build social skills that foster relationships and boost confidence.

Learn more about the autism treatment programs for adults in Florida and Massachusetts at Journey ABA by connecting with our team today at 844.222.4513.

What to Expect from Social Skills Training for Adults with Autism

Why do we offer social skills training for adults? This type of intervention provides a necessary avenue for adults with autism spectrum disorder to learn the skills they need to make social connections.

Building relationships with family members friends, and even workplace acquaintances can be difficult. For those on the autism spectrum, the skills needed to navigate these relationships can be learned through therapy and social skills activities. 

Reading nonverbal cues like facial expressions and body language can be key in navigating social situations. Through social skills training, adults with ASD can also learn how to introduce themselves to others, communicate electronically, and respond to humor. 

What you can always expect at Journey is a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment. We’re dedicated to helping our clients reach their full potential.

One way that Journey ABA furthers our clients’ progress is by incorporating caregivers and loved ones into treatment. Our family support groups can help parents, siblings, and caregivers connect with others as well as help them learn how to reinforce what those with ASD learn in therapy. This is a valuable way to promote lasting positive changes. 

Types of Social Skills Activities We Offer

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Many ABA companies focus their therapy on younger children and on helping those individuals build communication and social skills. Although this is a very important part of ABA therapy, often, children with ASD and other IDD don’t simply outgrow their need for services. In fact, our clinical experience tells us that their needs and goals change and may become more complex as these individuals develop. Social skills training for adults is a crucial part of our autism treatment programs.

Social skills training at Journey ABA involves real-world situations and ongoing support from BCBAs and behavior technicians.

Just a few of the activities we offer include:

  • Role-playing in our center – Clients work with therapists and their peers to act out different situations
  • Homework assignments – Clients can reinforce what they have learned at home
  • Rehearsals – Clients can rehearse upcoming social situations to prepare for what’s ahead

By offering a variety of social skills groups and activities for individuals of all ages, we’re able to help our clients prepare for anything that lies ahead. The social and communication skills learned during therapy are useful in real-world situations. Plus, we make fun a priority—clients should be able to look forward to these social skills sessions.

Connect With Journey ABA to Learn More

Our Florida and Massachusetts autism treatment centers provide a welcoming, supportive environment for both children and adults diagnosed with autism. We’re uniquely able to support adolescents and adults as they develop real-world skills. From diagnosis through to adulthood, our team addresses challenging behaviors and helps our clients participate more fully in the activities of daily life. Regardless of the complexity of our clients’ needs, our team is equipped to help.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Journey ABA can inspire confidence and help your loved one reach their goals, contact us today. Our Family Support Team is here to help—call us at 844.222.4513 or reach out online.